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More than translation

Your German text is good. The terminology is accurate and the style is right for its audience and the type of document. But how can you get it into English without losing the precision you worked so hard to achieve?

It's all about engaging a translator with a solid technical background who is equally comfortable in both languages. Someone who is ready to invest the time and effort to learn your products and company, and who knows how best to craft your text for speakers of English.

By forging a long-term relationship with a trusted language partner, these services will be at your fingertips whenever you need them. I offer what you are looking for - consistency, speed and reliability.

Accurate translations - On time, every time
As a mother-tongue speaker of English and German with a technical background, I bring along the necessary expertise in language and know-how.

Localization - Tuning into the culture
Beyond translation, I localize texts into English: iron out cultural references, adjust units and date formats, add clarifications where necessary.

Terminology lists - Consistency counts
I maintain a list of terminology for use in your translations and deliver an updated list with every assignment.

Enhancing your original text - An added benefit
With every assignment I provide a list of comments on the source text, highlighting spelling errors, grammatical problems, errors in content and ambiguous phrasing.

Style guide - For a uniform corporate identity
I maintain a style guide for the styles I use in your translations and, if desired, deliver an updated guide with every assignment.