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Getting back more than you put in

No one looks at a text more carefully than a translator - the phrasing, the spelling, the terminology, and more. Let this precision work for you to improve your corporate communications.

Consistent corporate terminology - For better clarity

The use of consistent terminology has a positive impact on your public image. It improves reader comprehension and cuts down on misunderstandings. And it lowers the risk of incorrect translations.

Terminology database
As I translate your material, I create a database of the terminology I use. It can be distributed throughout your company as a standard resource. I can also extract terminology from existing documentation, and add meta information (usage, definition) on each term.

Early involvement
Contact me to help you define the terminology in the early stages of a new project. It will help avoid confusion, double work and corrections later on.

Polishing of your original text - An added benefit

If something is unclear to me as I translate your text, it may be unclear to your readers as well. I'll make note of it, just as I'll point out inconsistencies, ambiguous phrasing, and grammatical and similar errors. This will let you put a shine on your original document as well.

Corporate style guide - A boost to corporate branding

Many people write for you: technical writers, developers, marketers, translators. Getting them all to write to the same guidelines improves corporate branding, conveying professionalism and quality. A corporate style guide is a rule book of standards to be followed by everyone involved with corporate communications, defining such aspects as the use of punctuation, spelling conventions, typefaces, and the formatting of tables.

Style guide
I maintain a style guide for the styles I use in your translations and, if requested, deliver an updated guide with every assignment. In cooperation with your language specialists, I can expand it into a compendium for all your documentation. If you already have a style guide, I will of course apply it to my translations and fill in any gaps. See an example of an abbreviated style guide here.