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About me

As a technical writer with 20 years of experience in creating documentation in English and German, and managing translations into a number of different languages, I know where you're coming from. Whether brochures, manuals, websites, newsletters or press releases, I've done it. I know the language.

My background - International and technical

I was born of German parents in the United States, grew up with both languages and am equally at home in both cultures. I have a degree in physics and many years of experience in writing technical documentation.

My experience - Translation and technical writing

Technical writer in an industrial electronics company writing brochures, manuals, website and press materials in German and English, since 1991, now freelance.

Freelance translation of technical documentation for German high-technology companies, since 2000.

A degree in physics and two years experience teaching physics at a high school in Ghana.

For more details, please ask for my résumé.