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My rates are in line with the German translation market. I can charge on a per-line basis (line = 55 characters including spaces) or by the word, as counted by Microsoft Word or by the translation memory program.

How to save on translation costs

Rather than saving costs on the translator - and often forfeiting translation quality - you can save by making your texts "translation friendly". This will reduce translation costs in every language you translate into while improving translation quality.

  • Use consistent terminology and keep a terminology database.

  • Use identical phrasing for repeat texts (of great benefit when using translation memory systems).

  • Illustrate your text liberally, but keep text out of graphics. Use numbering and a legend instead. This is of benefit when using translation memory systems and avoids the involvement of a graphic artist for every language.

  • Request a translation style in line with your needs. If the document is for in-house information, for example, the translation needs to be accurate, but not polished. This will save the translator time and lower the fee. Brochures and other image materials, on the other hand, often require a "rendering" of the original into another language. While this will be more costly, it will be well worth the additional investment.

  • Finalize the text prior to translation. Changes to the core text after a translation can be costly and lead to error.

  • Only translate texts that really need to be translated.
    For example:
    – Delete information specific to a particular country
    – Delete lists of inhouse departments
    – Delete repetitive texts
    – Briefly summarize irrelevant details