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Benefiting from agency services

I work independently as well as with translation agencies. In some cases, you may prefer to work with me through an agency. Please consider the tips below.

If you would like to work with me through an agency, I already work with Carstens + Partner and ITL in Munich, and with the RWS Group in Berlin, all highly regarded in the translation community. If you use another agency and would like to stay with them, please ask your agency about working with me through them.

When to use an agency

  • You need to translate large volumes of text into several languages.

  • You have severe time constraints that require the use of multiple translators (not recommended).

  • You regularly require translators to be available around the clock and at very short notice.

  • You use non-standard file formats that freelance translators are unlikely to be able to handle.

  • You work with high-end project management, CMS and translation memory systems that a freelance translator is unlikely to have available.


When to work directly with a translator

  • You would like to have direct contact with the translator. Having a language expert a phone call away can save you time. Some agencies welcome this, too.

  • You want to use the same translator all the time. Some agencies make this possible.

  • You require a translator who becomes intimately familiar with your company's business, style, products, clients and terminology. Not only will your texts be more effective, but the translator will be able to give you more valuable feedback on your documents - an important added value. Some agencies make this possible.

  • You do not require the added services of an agency and wish to avoid the associated charges.

  • You need translator contact during evenings and weekends.

  • Your sector is highly specialized, one in which it is difficult to find a translator with prior knowledge in the field. You'll need to invest in "training" a translator. Look for a curious, dedicated translator who is willing to work his or her way into the subject matter. To get good results, invest the time to answer questions and provide the necessary information.